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newsletterA few weeks ago, we discussed the silent majority in Elijah's time, the same as ours. Elijah was bold and courageous but lost sight of those who weren't considered heroic, but neither did they bow their knee to Baal. Remember that we do not stand alone in the public eye even when the majority are hiding. They, too, are standing and not bowing to the real enemy of our souls. Our fight is not with flesh and blood. But let's continue with a second witness found in scripture. How does God feel about those who refuse to bow to the dictates of the hour but have grown weary of standing.



We are not fighting the good fight of faith alone, although it can sometimes feel like it. There are more for us than against us. We may need to encourage ourselves in the Lord with scripture. We may need to ask God to open our eyes as Elisha did for his servant, who felt surrounded by the enemy.



Pentecost was this last Sunday. Some churches recognize and celebrate the day the church was born. Other churches go on as usual. Nothing new. Pentecost was when Jesus told 500+ disciples to go to Jerusalem, wait, and pray until endowed with power from on high. But there were only 120 men and women, give or take, obedient that day.

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