It is said that criminals return to the crime scene. Dogs return to their vomit, and pigs return to the mire. When people get off course and find themselves unhappy, they return to their roots. But what are those roots, and do you want to return to something you turned away?

In 2008-2009, I felt like the United States of America needed to return to its roots rooted in Judea-Christian beliefs. If you go to the library and look through the many documents and books our founding fathers wrote, you will undoubtedly understand they believed in and promoted the Christian God and His Son, the Lord Jesus Christ. Promoting Jesus was the rule, not the exception, with the founding fathers.

The problem I had about returning to this nation's foundation was that three groups would not want to return to the beginning: the black man, the red man, and the wo-man. The USA's founding documents espoused equality for all men, except three groups, were not entirely equal.

Well, here we are today, an even more perfect union with equity of God-given freedoms, and some of those people groups are up in arms with the nature of the birth of the United States. How can this nation be based on Judeo-Christian beliefs when so many enslaved people? I suppose that generation can look at our generation and judge us for abortions, and homosexuality, among other sins. The first generation, all the way to our generation, is fighting against an enemy that hates God and mankind. We should judge ourselves first so we can see accurately before judging the earlier generations. Looking back is 20/20. But we are not seeing our generation with the same 20/20 vision.

Nevertheless, when people are unhappy, they want to return to an earlier time when they remember happiness, even when they forgot the troubles of that time. America is unhappy. Christians are unhappy. Even the devil is unhappy and wants to return before Jesus died on the cross to forgive man's sins. But where are we to return? Please make no mistake; we are returning to an earlier time. All of humanity is returning to an earlier time. But what is that earlier time? Is it 1776? Is it to feudal times? The dark ages? Further back? Let's see.

There is nothing new under the sun. What was will be again. Our future is our past because we have failed to know, reconcile and learn from our past. Stay with me as I list five places in time where mankind is returning.

Man is returning to Egypt under a Pharoh. We have hated freedom because of personal responsibility and want someone to take ownership of our lives. We are ready to hand all ownership of everything we have to Pharoh to save our lives, like in the days of famine under Joseph. 2030 is the decided year that the people of the world will own nothing and be happy about it, says the World Economic Forum.

As long as we have cucumbers, leaks, and potted meat, we are okay with being comfortably numb to unjust governments. Big business without borders hires us as employees but makes us provide our straw like entrepreneurs. Big business makes a profit, and we work day and night to survive.

We are conditioned to work and live as bricks fashioned by the tools of men. Instead of living stones formed by man's free will under God's hands, each individual is seen as unique and valuable. In the world system, the outside of our being, we can look unique as we want, with all the graffiti we desire, but on the inside of the heart and mind, we must be compliant to the world view of the anti-Christ spirit. We can look different; we can't be different. For those who are not compliant, population control is the answer. Abort their offspring as in the days of Moses, assisted suicide for those who are of no use to society, a drain on the system, and reduce the carbon footprint of those not on board until they no longer want to live.

As a people, we are returning to Babylon, the tower of Babel, where we rebel against God by building 15-minute cities forgetting the Great Commission to go into the world to make disciples of all the nations. Only God can unite with a one-world government with His Son Jesus as the leader.

We stop being fruitful and multiplying as we implement population control against those outside of unity in the name of man. We make bricks of one another as a unified defense against God and His judgments toward sin. We know that God purified the world once with water and will once again purify the earth with fire, and we call it climate change to redirect people away from repentance to God and faith in the Lord Jesus. We defy the name of the Lord by setting our name up in the heavens. We think with the complete unity of man, and we can defeat the Creator of heaven and earth all that it contains.

We are returning to the days of Lot, where the truth is silenced through great prosperity and mobs of people doing what feels right according to the dictates of their flesh. As the Democrats legalize sin, the Republicans promise bigger barns and earlier retirement, forsaking the six-day workweek that God commanded from the beginning. We are left with a lot of time to design a life how we want it rather than losing our life to find it in God. We are lawless and ready to compromise our children's virginity to the woke crowd. The Church sent into the city to save a city is now part of the city, unable to make intercession for the lost. All we can hope for is that Jesus comes back soon to save us, leaving all our works, family, and friends burned with fire. At least we are saved, though.

We are returning to the days of Noah repurposing the sign of God's promise to save man and not destroy him. We are giving ourselves marriage and new definitions of marriage. We mock preachers of righteousness and the coming Day of the Lord. Angels of differing gospels have convinced man that we can awaken to a new species, an evolution, called the Nephilim. We can create eternal life through gene manipulation and trans-human technology, becoming one with the world's largest Ouija board and artificial intelligence. This ark that man and beast are building will also shut the door on all those who love the truth and the one true God. Like the return to Egypt, Babylon, and the days of Lot, population control is a primary objective. Only those who are fit for this devilish kingdom will remain alive.

But there is hope! Not all of mankind is willing to return to the aforementioned places. Some of us have our eyes set on returning to the Garden of Eden with the return of Jesus, the world's Savior. As we move forward, God is rewinding the clock.

We look forward to the day when everything that has fallen in creation is placed back in the right space. There is no longer Jew against Gentile, disunity between male and female, and disparity between the rich and poor, but each has their own house, garden, and vineyard.

I support a one-world government with one condition. The one worthy of opening the Books becomes the one-world leader, the God-man who knew no sin but became sin so that all who believed in His name would be saved and made the righteousness of God in Christ Jesus.

There is a one-world government coming. The best-case scenario is the rapture of the Church before this happens. I say best-case because prophecy is difficult to understand until after it occurs. I can disapprove all end-times beliefs with scripture; even my view isn't bulletproof. But I know in whom I believe more than in what I believe. My beliefs can be changed by the whom I believe in, Jesus Christ, my Savior, and Lord.

All of humanity is returning to our roots. Depending on your roots is where you will return. If your roots are in Egypt, that is where you return. If your roots are in Babylon, that is where you will return. If your roots are in the days of Lot or the days of Noah, that is where you will return. But if you have been born-again and built your house on the rock of Jesus Christ and not the ever-shifting sand of man, you will return to repentance toward God and faith in the Lord Jesus Christ to finish what He started in you.

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