There is much to teach from the Bible, so why am I belaboring Salvation for weeks? Because most people will be lost. Wide is the gate many will walk through to destruction, but narrow is the way, and few will find it. I don't want you or those you love to be lost. Before we start with the Gospel memes, let's look at the brief list of lost people going through the wide gate.

  • The atheists who refuse to thank God and are given over to a reprobate mind.
  • People who fail to love the truth to be saved.
  • Other religions, ideologies, and philosophies that worship idols of their creation.
  • The influencers who don't like the terms of Salvation, like the young rich ruler who walked away sorrowfully because he had too much to lay down.
  • The called-out ones are no longer available but make excuses and ask to be excused from what God commands, like the servants of the wedding feast and those who wanted to follow Jesus but wanted to do something else first.
  • The hearers and not-doers deceive themselves like the crowd banging on the door to be let in, but Jesus doesn't know them as His disciples.
  • People who were motivated by everything but love and are nothing but a clanging cymbal.
  • The ministers who have a form of holiness conformed to this world but are not transformed by the renewing of their minds to the Word of God. They, too, beat on the door to be let in, but Jesus doesn't know them as His disciples even when they forged His name to do their will and ministry.

The Gospel is not a creed, a 12-step program, or a set of beliefs. Those are helpful. But you don't have to get all your t's crossed, and i's dotted to preach it. You don't need to be a theologian, pastor, or an evangelist. All you need is to know that you were blind but now see. Share what you now see but couldn’t before. We all are to preach the Gospel as led by the holy spirit to fill in the blanks to those we minister to. Like a crossword puzzle we may have the answer to their last blank!

Everyone in Christ has filled in a blank. One day, we will meet the people of the Bible who chose Christ. I have imagined many things said. But one I want to share is what I think they would say was the crux of their Salvation. What is the one thing a person needs to be saved? Alone, we know in part, but together, we have the whole Gospel.

  1. Adam – Don't eat anything that hasn't been handpicked by God; it will only bring disappointment and death. Keep your heart naked before the Lord, removing all self-clothing of works and loathing. Don't use the principles of God to better your life while thinking lightly of the Lordship of Jesus. Ultimately, only those who have put off the old man and put on the new man will experience Eternal Life.
  2. Enoch – Wake up every day to walk with God. You will go places where others can't. Never walk with someone who causes you to misstep your walk with the Lord. Many have walked with the Lord and turned away. Many others slowly depart the faith by walking with the Lord less and less each day until Eternal Salvation is not a daily care.
  3. Noah – It is by the fear of the Lord that we endure to the end. The comforts of eating, drinking, building, marriage, and giving in marriage can and do reduce our fear in the Lord when we become too comfortable to continue to do his will when it has a high cost and no immediate reward. The fear of the Lord is to depart from evil, a prerequisite for Eternal Life.
  4. Abraham – God provides for Himself and shares it with those with faith. False religion places all provision and sacrifice on the flesh with no resurrection of the dead. Salvation is made known in a moment but takes hope beyond hope to realize the promise of Eternal Life. The New Birth is a narrow path that brings hope, faith, and love eternally.
  5. Joseph – What Satan meant for evil; God meant for good. Life is difficult when you blame others for where you are today. It may be your fault, theirs, the devil's, or God's will. But God always does right and works all things together for our good when we love him and are determined to give ourselves to His purpose. Forgiveness is necessary to see the goodness of the Lord eternally.
  6. Moses – From the beginning, Life, and death are set before us. God will not remove temptation but lead us away from death when we choose life. Make the choice early, and don't waver. God always provides a way through the wilderness. And if we don't look back, we won't fall back. Eternal Life is about choices. Choosing Jesus as the way, the truth, and the Life is the first choice. Continuing to choose life in all that we do is abiding by our first choice. Every day, we must manage our choice well, and then we will see Eternal Life even if we are disqualified for some promises in this life.
  7. Joshua – Culture has a way of carrying off whole families into idolatry. Even as a leader, you can succumb to the people's will unless you are determined to stand against the tidal waves of perversion. Above all things, we must choose to serve the one true Lord today as the day is today. As for me and my house, we will choose the Lord.
  8. Samuel – Obedience is better than sacrifice. God doesn't need our sacrifices; he has provisioned his own. He wants our obedience. But it is easier to do our will today and ask for forgiveness tomorrow with a superficial sacrifice. But tomorrow is not promised to anyone. Our obedience to faith in Christ Jesus is the only sacrifice God will receive for Eternal Salvation.
  9. David – Promotion, fame, and fortune are more demanding tests than being overlooked in the field. Not many people of stature come to Jesus to be saved. They think they have too much to lose to humble themselves before Jesus in front of their legion of supporters and fans. God is Looking for a humble and contrite spirit to give Eternal Life. If you don't have a humble heart, get it. If you have a contrite spirit, don't lose it.
  10. Isaiah – Don't think you can draw close to God because you are cleaner than your neighbors. God doesn't grade on a curve. When we stand before God, we will find that we are more closely aligned with our unclean neighbors than a Holy God. We all live in a fallen world and must be cleansed from sin every day, no matter the depth, to be saved eternally.
  11. Jeremiah – Search God with all your heart, and you will find Him. You can't stop with the priests or prophets if you want to find God. You must go deeper and search further than what you are told in their self-confidence and agreements with one another. Test every word to see if it comes from the mouth of God or the mouth of man. To be saved, you must find the eternal truth and not stop short with a secondhand revelation. Don't misplace your trust in the wisdom of men.
  12. Ezekiel – Keep your hunger after righteousness always. No matter how far you go to seek God, people grow weary, become dissatisfied, and become lazy, lukewarm, apathetic, and indifferent. Even the people who start life deep in a pit stop seeking righteousness when they reach an acceptable height. If a righteous man stops pursuing righteousness, he will become unrighteous. But when an unrighteous man seeks after the righteousness of God in Christ Jesus, he will find God and Eternal Salvation.
  13. Peter – Repent a lot. Don't think you have reached a place you can't fall away. You don't love God as much as you believe you do. There is always more room to grow in the love of God. If you want to be eternally saved, know Jesus still loves you and calls you back by name to repent and follow Him.
  14. Paul – It was labor to be born again. And we must labor again to have Christ fully formed in us, the hope of glory. Jesus is our Lord until He is not. There are many orphan Christians who don't know the one who bore them. They shipwrecked their faith because of the love of the world and returned to their formal self. The born-again experience is the new beginning. But sanctification is to have Christ fully formed in us unto Eternal Life.
  15. John – Herein is love, not that we loved God but that He first loved us, even as sinners. If we know He loves us, and we love Him with this same love, the commandments of God are neither cumbersome nor legalistic. But how will we receive Eternal Life if we don't keep His commandments as overcomers of the world nor love Him?
  16. Thief on the cross – Don't live the life you want, delaying repentance for your deathbed. You don't know the day or hour your light and Life will expire. And you don't know whether you will be found on the left or right of wisdom to repent. Look to the crucified Jesus, repent of sin, take up your cross, and follow Jesus into Eternal Life.

Let me know if one of these fills in a blank for you or someone you are ministering to. I am working on a newsletter entitled A.I. The Reboot of Mankind 2.0.

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