The hashtag #ChristisKing is making waves in the online world of social media. Some people who are using it are being called anti-semantic. I have checked some posts, and they might be. But most who are using the hashtag are confessing their faith in the resurrected Jesus as Lord of lords and King of kings.


The controversy mostly centers around Candice Owens and Ben Sharpio. I will let you search it out if you want to know. But my issue is with the devil and his ability to gaslight Christians. From the Garden, God has set life and death before us and given us the keys of the kingdom to choose life. Our adversary, the devil, who likes to co-opt the principles of God and use them for evil, is doing just that in the #ChristisKing controversy.

The devil sets before us death and death, giving us a sense of autonomy, and doesn't care about our choice because they both lead to death—more on this in a future newsletter.

Is Christ King? Well, that depends on who you are and the timing of God. We are celebrating Passion Week this week, and 'Christ is King' was the issue when Jesus took up His cross and died to take away the sins of the world. The governor Pilot didn't want to judge Jesus for the charges that the Jews accused of Him. Jesus was accused of blasphemy for claiming to be God and could rebuild the temple in three days. Pilot answered the Jews to judge him themselves because it wasn't a Roman issue. But the Jews then claimed Jesus said He was a king and was going to overthrow the Roman empire. The Jews started a political controversy that led to a riot that Governor Pilot could not ignore. History always repeats itself, but not in the same way.

Pilot asked Jesus if He was a King. Jesus answered yes, but that His kingdom was not of this world. If it were of this world, His servants would fight. Governor Pilot did not see a political threat in Jesus. He was ready to set Him free, but because the riots and crowds grew, Pilot gave into the demands of the people and had Jesus scourged and crucified, but not before hanging a sign over the crucifixion that read Jesus is the king of the Jews. When Pilot was confronted with #ChristisKing, Pilot answered what I have written is written. And so, it is so, two thousand years later.

#ChristisKing, but to whom? And when? Jesus has three roles to fulfill, a three-strong cord. When Jesus was on earth, He operated as a prophet. When Jesus was raised from the grave on the third day, he changed roles from a prophet to a High Priest to finish the ceremonial sacrifice of an unblemished Lamb. Jesus ascended to the right hand of Father, where He is this very hour, making intercession for those with willing bowed knees and confessions with their mouth that Jesus was raised from the dead and is now Lord.

#ChristisKing, technically speaking but maybe not practical, is only true for those saved by grace through faith. Jesus is not officially King of kings and Lord of Lords as of today for everyone. Jesus is our High Priest until the Father puts all His enemies under His Son's feet. When that day comes, Jesus will no longer be High Priest\King-Elect, elected by the Father alone, but will be King of kings and Lord of lords. On that day, Jesus will return to the earth to claim His inheritance of all the kingdoms of this world and will set up His kingdom to rule with a rod of iron. Then and only then will every knee bow and every mouth confess that Jesus is Lord or that #ChristisKing. Until that day, Jesus is King to those who surrendered their life willing and bowed their heart humbly.

#ChristisKing is honest for free-will men who want Him to be. Jesus gave a parable where he gave ten servants a single mina each. In the parable, the man went to a far-off place to be made king. On His way, seven of the ten servants got word to Him that they didn't want Him as king. When the man returned as King, he had the seven brought before him and had them slaughtered.

#ChristisKing to those who bow now. Others may claim #ChristisKing but don't want to be ruled. They want the kingdom without the King. They like the time-tested principles of God but not the accountability of keeping those principles.

Enter Christian nationalism, theocracy, and the zealots of our day. #ChristisKing, and you better know it. Say His name! A Christianity that is driven by the ways of this world and not by the ways of the one true God. A gospel that is forced is not good news. A gospel that is legislated is not good news. A gospel that forces you to say His name and bow your knee is not good news.

I am not a zealot. I do not support a theocracy. There is only one God. If you don't believe that now, you will, but maybe too late. I dust off my feet and let you find out. #ChristisHighPriest giving out mercy today. When #ChristisKing, intercession is over, and mercy will be withheld from those who didn't give mercy.

I am a Christian nationalist if it is defined by a God-fearing people who are resisting globalism under the coming anti-Christ but are submissive to every ordinance of man that doesn't lead us to sin against our King Jesus.

#ChristisKing by force is going to lead this nation into a 70AD. The plan of God has always been the same, not willing for any man to perish, but His methods change. Jesus changed the process around 30 AD. Forty years later, zealots were still driving the nations to the law rather than making disciples through the new covenant. I see and teach how God blessed and used the U.S.A. for decades. However, we are not getting the wisdom of John the Baptist: the U.S.A. must decrease so the Kingdom of God can increase.

#ChristisKing is not going to increase by intimidation or fleshly boldness. Suppose we will be a Christian nation again, a Peter nation that has been sifted from pride to humility. In that case, it will be because we return to the missionary work of the great commission and not military power or a social media war. God knows how to turn the heart of the king, whoever he is. Let us turn our hearts to #ChristisKing, humble ourselves, and pray that our neighbors may join us in bowing our knees and confessing with our mouths that Jesus is Lord and #ChristisKing to those waiting for His return.

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