There has been a message burning in me for the past few years. A few weeks ago, God gave me a title and said run with it. The title is 'The Battle of the Titans.' My first thought was the movies where Godzilla takes on another beast. And the people aren't clear if either beast is for or against them. A few days later, going through the town of Chandler, I glanced at the movie theater to see playing Godzilla vs. Kong. There is no excuse for the delay; I must write this out for my sake, if not anyone else.

I am not a fan of monster movies and wasn't sure if Godzilla was a hero or villain to the Japanese until doing a little research. Godzilla is a reference to the U.S.A. dropping the atomic bomb that forever changed civilization and let loose a new type of monster. Over the years, Godzilla has been the enemy and, at times, the salvation of the people. I guess we can say the same thing about the atomic bomb. Life and society were devastated even in the Government's salvation of stopping a war.

And this salvation\devastation is where 'The Battle of the Titans' becomes reality. Does the Government save or destroy?

In the United States of America, we are in election year 2024. The Battle of the Titans is here again, and destruction will follow no matter who wins. As the two titans battle it out, we, the people, will be devastated and not saved.

In Jesus' day, he had to fight the Sadducees, the Pharisees, and the Scribes. Today, we fight the Democrats, the Republicans, and the Media. Like Jesus, these three groups trick and deceive us to establish their narrative and gain. And many Christians fall for it every four years because they don't know where their salvation comes from. Salvation comes from God and not the strength or wisdom of man.

From the garden of Eden, Moses writes that God has set before us life and death. Then, he proceeds to tell us to choose life. But the evil one is giving us an alternative: the god of this world has also set before us two options, hoping we fall to the illusion that we are a free people because of fa├žade democracy, even when both choices lead to the same death. The god of this world sets before us death and death and doesn't care which we choose. One death is quick, and the other is prolonged.

When we choose from God's two choices, we choose life. It is a choice only those who are seeking the Father through the Son will find.

Let's take a look at Joshua 5:13-15. After crossing the Jordan River and facing down Jericho, Joshua thought he had two choices. An angel with a sword in hand approached. Joshua's first thought was, "Are you for us or our enemies?" The angel responded, "Neither, I'm for the Lord; take off your sandals, for you are standing on holy ground."

Do I need to remind ourselves that God is neither Democrat nor Republican, Sadducee or Pharisee? We should take note that the Democrats have thrown God off their platform, and the Republicans hold to a form of godliness but deny Jesus Christ in the way they rule and live. We have the devil with a pitchfork and a devil that comes as an angel of light, death, and death.

In the early nineties, I became a card-carrying Republican. I was a paying member. I also subscribe to the National Review and other conservative magazines and voices. I wasn't raised in a political atmosphere. My dad voted, but nothing much was said. However, I engaged in politics because I saw the corruption and thought I had to address it. My favorite childhood story was, 'The Emperor who had no clothes.' And I wanted to know for myself who was clothed and who was naked. Today, I know everyone's candidate is naked but falsely covered by their constituents.

When Clinton won the presidency, I started to receive questionnaires from the republican party that were biased to the truth. The questions were framed in such a way that misrepresented President Clinton and built a false narrative for the republican party to win the next election. I also watched Rush Limbaugh. Maybe Rush changed over the years, but I left him behind in the nineties because I saw him as more of an entertainer and opportunist than a conservative. Being a conservative doesn't mean you love the truth.

I have always wanted truth, not biased truth, as if there is such a thing. It wasn't till I came to the Lord in 1999 that I found the truth. Since then, I have been parsing out the way and the life to what to do with the political climate and all of life.

One man who approached Jesus to find the truth was told he wasn't far from the kingdom of God. He had the truth. The scripture doesn't say if the man forsaken all to follow Christ.

I am a registered Independent since I became disenfranchised with the Republic party by not buying into their truth. Joining the Democrats is a hard no. But because we are limited to two parties, I often vote Republican because they are closer to kingdom truths even though they are not part of the Kingdom of God.

Republican does not equal Christian. Conservative does not equal Christian. Morality, virtue, and ethics are part of what a Christian is, but the identity of a Christian is a person who denies himself to follow Christ as the only means to salvation. We become a new creation in a moment, then spend the rest of our lives growing into the fullness of who Christ is.

I found in the nineties that the Republican party was capitalists. A capitalist is someone who seizes an opportunity. Nothing is wrong with taking an opportunity that one has prepared to take. Jesus teaches principles of capitalism in the parable of minas and talents. You can also find principles of capitalism under Levitical law. However, today's capitalism is so corrupt that even the communist nation of China has added it to their republic. A lot was said in the last sentence. Do a Google search for China and Capitalism. You will be surprised. More will be said this summer.

A capitalist doesn't mean a person with conviction. Many capitalists and socialists, as well, are low on conviction and high on opportunity. I am a capitalist who considers my neighbor's best interests not just mine.

How has the Republican party constantly moved to the left since Abraham Lincoln, unless for lack of conviction and the sway of Mammon? Christians should stand with conviction even when the cost is financial ruin. Neither the political party nor the third party has the conviction of a Holy Spirit-led Christian. A Christian determines in his heart not my will but the will of our Heavenly Father to be done in the name of the Son, Jesus, our Savior, and Lord.

The titans, the Democrats, have enlarged their tents with big Government. The titans, the Republicans, have enlarged their tents with big Business. Both have opened the borders to drain the citizens of the United States of America of finances and opportunities. Democrats are allowing people to cross the border into the U.S.A. unchecked. And the Republicans are allowing big Businesses to become borderless and serve other nations and their interests.

We have more money to spend per capita, but we are less than five percent of the world's population. Why would big Businesses keep our interests at heart when longing after the 1.4 billion people in China and another 1.4 billion in India? Neither big Government nor big Business is in the interest of the people of the U.S.A. The left and the right have sold us out.

Uniparty is the current term for the sell-out of the Democrats and Republicans siding together against the American people. I didn't use that term, but I have been saying the same thing since 2009. Politics had become like the WWE. The winner is predetermined, and a good show ensues. The Republicans put up a good fight but have thrown every fight since Obama became president. These two Titans are on the same page of selling us out to the world, but they only differ on how to do it. So why are Christians placing their hope in a political system?

Christians don't know where their salvation comes from. We are to resist the political party spirit. We are called to be one with God through Christ, as Jesus prayed in John 17. I don't mean we don't take part in our civic duty as dual citizens but don't take sides and lose our citizenship with the Kingdom of God. We must follow the command given to Joshua by the angel of God: take off our shoes, for we are on holy ground. The gates of Hell will not prevail against the Church that Jesus built upon the Rock of Himself. We are not giving this promise to our nation. Only Israel has a promise from our Eternal Father that they will be standing when all nations have been judged. I hope the U.S.A. is found on the right hand of Jesus when he separates the sheep and the goats. There is no guarantee.

Why do Christians join hip-to-hip with the political system? The American Bible? It combines the Holy Scripture that this nation was built on but overlays it with the American flag, giving an American Gospel flavor. Jesus is not American. Americans have faithfully evangelized the other nations, but there is no such thing as a true American Gospel. Salvation is of the Jews. The Gospel has been given to the church to publish. The Bible is a Middle Eastern book. We must remember that heaven and earth and every nation in it will pass away, but the eternal Word of God will never. We must place our hope on the eternal and not the temporary.

Too many Christians have followed the error of King Asa, a godly king who forgot where salvation comes from. King Asa made alliances with the world, showing that he didn't trust the salvation of the Lord. And now the U.S.A. will be perpetually at war as in King Asa's day. And we, Christians, are facing persecution soon because of the truth we speak; neither party approves.

2nd Chronicles 16:7-10

Christians should take a cue from King Jehoshaphat and let the Lord lead us to salvation, leading us back to the Battle of the Titans. Let the Republicans and Democrats fight it out. What is it to us? Our own King will soon be here to fight the Battle with words of his mouth.

2nd Chronicle's 20:20

Again, that doesn't mean we opt out of our civic duty, but it does mean we return to the great commission of going into all the world, making disciples of nations, teaching all the God has commanded. And after done all, stand. Stand as Christians united in the blood of Jesus.

We can be like Mordecai, Daniel, and Nehemiah, doing our civic duties without bowing to a political party. Come out from among them and be separate. We can do this while registered as we are. Just don't fight the fight in the way they do.

I have worn a faded U.S.A. flag hat for the last fourteen years. After Obama was elected President, the Lord spoke to my heart and said, "This nation must decrease; the kingdom of God must increase." John the Baptist said something similar when confronted that he wasn't the one God would exalt here on out. And John was okay with that as long as Jesus was the One. God has extensively used the U.S.A. for decades, but now the new nation in Christ is to lead across all the world's nations. Christians will show our loyalty to the Kingdom of God through humility, service, and willingness to lay down all for the truth even without the promise of a desired outcome.

God built this nation to save the Jews from worldwide persecution, to deliver the world from enslaving Africans and others, and many things God has done through this great nation. But after WWII, Israel was reborn, and the age of the gentile began wrapping up. God had blessed us because we sent out missionaries around the world. But then, because of our military strength, we trusted in chariots and horses more than God. We replaced missionaries with the military, and now here we are being overrun at the borders even with the world’s greatest military. God still has a plan for the U.S.A., just not being the lead nation.

I have hours and hours of content to show where the U.S.A. has been and where it is going if not for the prayers, actions of Christians, and the decisions of God. Stay tuned in 2024; with God's grace, I can get it published.

The Battle of the Titans is heating up. How are we Christians to respond? Our trust in worldly ways must decrease, and our faith in God must increase. Christians are a nation. We haven't been given territory like the world has. We are more like the Levites, given dwelling places in every nation. Our inheritance is first Christ, then one day, the wealth of the wicked laid up for the just will be given to the humble who will inherit the earth, and all the generations of knowledge and wealth at Jesus' return is ours.

But until then, we are a nation dispersed worldwide, ready to be brought home. When Israel was between Egypt and the Red Seas, they were told that God would fight for them. Let's not forget that God is fighting for us in our standing for righteousness, even when it looks like the political parties are enclosing in on us.

Instead of looking to a political party or a single man to save the U.S.A. as a more perfect union. We should look at that perfect city that Abraham sought as a pilgrim on earth. We were pilgrims when God sent Jews and gentile alike to build this great nation in the New World. But we Christians don't have any other land to start again. There is no place in this world to escape the coming persecution. No where to flee. We must take a stand waiting full redemption at the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ. Like the Jews in Egypt, we have grown accustomed to worldly ways and not Gods. It is the mercy of God to shake things up so that we don't love the things of the world more than God. Too many Christians are hoping Jesus doesn't return in their lifetime because they have unfulfilled plans. We must surrender our plans to see God's plans unfold to our victory and not judgment. And if Jesus doesn’t come back in our lifetime, we will be better off from this shakeup if we respond.

Paul tells us to live as good soldiers and not get caught up in civilian life so that we may please the heavenly Father. We can take our stand politically and execute our civic duty, but it must be done in a godly fashion, not in the world's ways. And it must not be in a way that we are trying to save our American life. When persecution came to Jerusalem in the Book of Acts, Christians were forced to go into the world and preach the gospel. The pride of American life is on life support. Let us not forsake God and his kingdom because we love our nation more to fight for an earthly freedom and lose our freedom in Christ.

I am telling you that the Battle of Titans will be terrible, and we must step back and see the salvation of the Lord. And I am not talking about political salvation. When the Government saves, it also destroys. No matter who wins this Battle, the Christian Battle will get more intense. Both socialism and capitalism want our stuff. Both want to enslave us and force us to provide the straw to meet their new world agenda. Why waste your time and money when rust, the moth, and the thieves of Big Government and Big Business are coming to kill, steal, and destroy? Lay up for yourselves treasures in heaven.

In 1 Kings 22:19-23, God has an unfamiliar request that is difficult to understand. The political party had overtaken the religion of the day, and an evil spirit told God that he would go and deceive the prophets and King Ahab into believing a lie to bring about their destruction. In the New Testament, 2 Thessalonians 2:11-12, God sends a delusion so that one should believe a lie and face destruction.

My brothers and sisters in Christ don't believe in the political spirit. There is no salvation outside of Christ and His return. We are called to disciple the nations, not take control. One day, all the world's kingdoms will be made His kingdoms. Until then, we are to sow the leaven of the kingdom of God into every part of society. Soon, it will be too dark to work. The bread is ready to be placed in a hot oven for baking. It will be the best bread ever tasted when Jesus returns to rule the nations.

My final point is who will go and in what spirit will we go? Isaiah, a righteous man, realized he was a man in an unclean society, and he, too, had unclean lips. When the fire of God cleansed his lips, a commission was given, and Isaiah volunteered to go; here am I send me.

The Battle of the Titans is not our storm. We can rest at the bottom of the boat as we know God is faithful in getting us to the other side.

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