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Last week, I sent a newsletter stating what I do in Ministry. I spent all week with another idea to write, but when I sat down to write, something else came from my heart. I didn't know God was setting me up for encouragement and correction.

I have grown weary, dissatisfied, and disillusioned about my life. I'm not tempted to return to Egypt or live on my terms. I am not tempted to quit what I am doing. God is my life, and His will matters more to me than my life. However, my heart spoke things that should not be said to a holy God. Thoughts that exalted itself over the written word of God but never left my lips. Over the past year, I have seen God's loving kindness and soft correction, but recently, I needed a shout—a solemn rebuke.

I am not new to the Ministry. I grew up in Ministry as a child. I didn't serve the Lord nor knew Him until I was 28, but I did know the inner workings of Ministry. I got saved on Labor Day 1999; four days later, I entered Ministry on the streets of Oklahoma City doing the work of an Evangelist. The group I joined took sack lunches to the homeless throughout the camps and hidden places downtown OKC.



I want to share what I do that may be a blessing to you and those you love. I am a foundation teacher committed to helping and keeping people grounded in the Word of God. I do this through websites such as, where I release videos as we read through the Holy Bible every year. Having the whole council of God before us helps you from digging a ditch to fall into. is a weekly devotion on how to watch and pray as Jesus commanded in the garden. We ought to be like Daniel, watch and not avoid praying unceasingly with our windows open to Heaven. Through prayer, we come to Jesus to bare a light burden and easy yoke. Through prayer, we are empowered to carry out the will of the Father. Our spirit is willing, but our flesh is too weak to carry it out unless we give ourselves to prayer as Jesus did in the garden. Prayer helps us stand rather than run like the disciples who slept.


Return to What?

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It is said that criminals return to the crime scene. Dogs return to their vomit, and pigs return to the mire. When people get off course and find themselves unhappy, they return to their roots. But what are those roots, and do you want to return to something you turned away?

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